Skinwealth - Face Steamer

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1. Effectively convert moisture into micro-nano water particles, penetrate deep into the bottom of the skin, and instantly replenish moisture.
2. The soothing steam helps open pores, soften the stratum corneum, remove dirt, and cleanse deeply.
3. Simple button control, one button to open and close, humanized operation, labor-saving and convenient.
4. Plug design, with flexible power cord, suitable for carefree family skin care, comes with a large number of cups, just need a cup of water to steam for 8-10 minutes, practical and convenient to add water.

Product Information:

Water tank capacity: 70ml
Material: ABS
Product voltage: 110V-220V
Product power: 300W
Product frequency: 50Hz
Packing size: 11*17*17.5cm, 0.6kg

Packing list   

Face steamer*1

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